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weekend availability


Veteran Expediter
Do you tell dispatch that you will be available during the weekend if you've been available all week? I have been operating under the assumption that if my status hasn't changed then why bother telling them that I would still be in service. This past Monday it sounded like there was confusion as to whether I was in service after spending the weekend in service. Just wondering if it was a fluke, or I am doing something wrong.



Seasoned Expediter
I have never let them know I am available in the past. If you show up on their screen as in service and load is available they will call you. i also look at fleetvision to assure everything is up to par. You can always qc and ask if you are in a decent position or should you move.


Moderator Emeritus
when i go back into service i alwys qc that info. it lets them update the screens. if they are busy, a phone notification might not get handled right away.


Veteran Expediter
as jack, i always use the qc to go in and out of to your main question, i have never notified dispatch of my weekend availability if i am already in service...