Using the expediting industry to retire.


Expert Expediter
i just keep coming back into the expediting thing lol. Currently I'm working for an auto plant. I make ok money but not enough to get anywhere. Let's be real,I've done a piss poor job of planning anything for my future. I've worked for several carriers but mainly FedEx CC. At one time I had a cargo van on and I did pretty well. That being said most of my time has been in straight trucks and for owners. The owners I've worked for have not really cared for me as anything but a steering wheel holder and pay was always an issue. So if I go back to driving I'll own my own truck. My wife works for a Dr. office as a secutary. Money wise we are not hurting. We pay our bills and eat a steak every now or then. Both vechiles are paid for and we owe 16k on our house.That being said if I were to buy a sprinter build a perminent sleeper, so that my wife and I could hit the road together with our dog could we have a reasonable shot of making a retirement. We both are 43. Could this be done in a 10 year period. If there are any h/w sprinter teams how are you doing and how is the revenue? I know a big sleeper will cut my ability to earn income but I think comfort will prevail and we will stay out longer. My health insurance will be missed as I've got one heck of a bcbs policy. Thanks for reading and I will appreciate any feedback. Nelson.