Trucker Slang (revised 1-2008)


Veteran Expediter
Safety & Compliance
US Coast Guard
Alabama Chrome - Duct tape

Anteater - Sloped hood on big truck

Alamo, the - San Antonio, TX

Alligator - Blown tire in road

Alligator Radio - Loudmouth CB’er(all mouth, no ears)

Ankle Biter - Small child

Antler Alley - Deer crossing

Apple, the - New York, NY

Armadillo, the - Amarillo, TX

Astrodome, the - Houston, TX

Baby Bear - Rookie cop

Back Door - Last truck in a convoy; behind you

Back Door Closed - Police behind you or behind a convoy

Back ‘er Down - Slow down

Back off the Hammer - Slow down

Backslide - Return trip

Badger, the - Wisconsin

Bambi - Any deer, dead or alive

Band Aid Buggy - Ambulance

Barbershop - Low overpass

Barefoot - An unmodified CB radio

Barn doors - Rear swing-out truck doors

Base station - Radio at a fixed location

Bean popper - Pill taker

Bear - Any police officer

Bear Bait - Excessive speeder

Bear Cave - Police station

Bear Trap - Stationary police withradar/laser

Bear-in-the-air - Police aircraft commonly used in speed trap

Beantown - Boston, MA

Bedbugger - Household goods mover

Beehive, the - Utah

Beer Town - Milwaukee, WI

Belly Dumper - Trailer with a bottom dump

Better Half - Spouse

Big A, the - Atlanta, GA; Amarillo, TX

Big Apple, the - New York, NY

Big D, the - Dallas, TX

Big Easy - New Orleans, LA

Big O, the - Omaha, NE

Big R - Roadway Express truck

Big Road; Slab - Interstate highway

Big Truck - 18 wheeler

Big Road - Interstate highway; four lane road

Big Smoke, the - Toronto, ON

Big Word - Weigh station closed

Bikini, the - Miami, FL; Florida

Bird dog - Radar/laser detector

Black Eye - Headlight out

Blew my doors off - Passed at a high speed

Bluebird - Marten company truck

Bluegr**** the - Kentucky

Bobtail - Tractor without anattached trailer

Boogie; Boogie Gear - Top gear

Brake Check - Warning of slow or stopped traffic ahead

Bright Lights, the - Kansas City, KS

Buckeye, the - Ohio

Bull City, the - Durham, NC

Bulldog - Mack truck

Bull Rack - Cattle hauler

Bumper Sticker - Tailgating four wheeler

Bushels - Weight of load in 1000’si.e. 43 bushels = 43,000 pounds

Buster Brown - UPS truck


Veteran Expediter
Safety & Compliance
US Coast Guard
CB Town - Council Bluffs, IA

Camera - Police radar or laser

Cash Box - Toll booth

Cash Register - Toll Booth

CB Rambo - Wannabe tough guy on CB

Cheese Wagon - Yellow school bus

Chicken Coop - Weigh station

Chicken Lights - Decorative marker lightson truck and/or trailer

Chili Bowl, the - Chillicothe, OH

Choke-N-Puke - Greasy spoon restaurant

Choo Choo - Chattanooga, TN

Cigar City - Tampa, FL

City Kitty - Local police

Constitution, the - Connecticut

Cornhusker, the - Nebraska

Comic Book - Drivers’ log book

Commercial company - Prostitute

Corn Flake - Consolidated Freightways truck

Cow Town - Calgary, AB

Comedian - Median strip

Coal Bucket - Dump Trailer

Cooling a Tire - Truck on shoulder, driver urinating

Coops - Weigh Station

County Mounty - County Sheriff or police

Covered Wagon - Flatbed trailer with staked sides covered with tarpaulin

Cowboy, the - Texas

Crotch Rocket - Japanese street motorcycle

Curtain Sider - Trailer similar to a box trailer except that the sides are movable curtains.

Deadhead - Drive an empty truck

Derby, the - Louisville, KY

Diesel Bear - Commercial Motor Vehicle police; Aka revenue collector

Dirty side - East coast

Disco Lights - Lights atop police car

Dispatcher Brains - Light or empty load

Dog is Barking - Signal on radar/laser detector

Dolly - Detachable front axle assembly

Dome, the - Houston, TX

Donkey - Behind rear of truck

Double Nickle - 55 MPH speed limit; Interstate route 55

Dragonfly - Truck going slow uphill and fast downhill

Dragon Wagon - Tow truck

Drom Box - A Box mounted behind the cab and forward of the 5th wheel

Drop Deck - Trailer on which the floor drops down a level

Dry Box - A plain truck box or trailer, i.e. no refrigerator

Ears - A CB radio; as in “have you got your ears on?”

Evel Knievel - Police officer on a motorcycle

Flat Face - A cab over engine (COE) tractor

Flip side - Return trip

Flying Hook - Flying J truck stop

Freightshaker - Freightliner truck

Friendly, the - Philadelphia, PA

Front Door - First truck in a convoy

Full Grown Bear - State Highway patrol officer

Garden, the - New Jersey

Gas Hole - Rear end of a 4 wheeler

Gator or Gator Tail - Blown tire pieces in roadway

Gateway, the - St. Louis, MO

Georgia Overdrive - Neutral gear

Go-Go Juice - Fuel

Golden, the - California

Good Buddy - Homosexual

Gouge on it - Hammer down;Speed up

Grand Canyon, the - Arizona

Granite, the - New Hampshire

Granny Lane - Right highway lane

Greasy Side Up - Overturned vehicle

Greasy Spoon - Cheap restaurant

Green Stamp - Pennsylvania turnpike

Ground Pressure - Truck weight

Guitar, the - Nashville, TN

Gumball Machine - Lights atop police car


Veteran Expediter
Safety & Compliance
US Coast Guard
Hammer Down - Go fast

Hammer Lane - Left highway lane;Passing lane

Hand - Truck Driver

Handle - CB nickname

Happy Hooker - Tow truck

Hawkeye, the - Iowa

Hole in the Wall - Mountain tunnel entrance

Home 20 - Home location

Honey Bear - Female police officer

Hook - Tow truck

Hoosier, the - Indiana

Hopper Bottom - Grain trailer

Indy 500, the - Indianapolis, IN

Jake Brake - Engine retarder; Jacobs brake

Junk Yard - Truck terminal

Keystone, the - Pennsylvania

Kick a Tire - To urinate alongside the roadwhile using a tire for cover

Kojak with a Kodak - Police with radar/laser

K Town - Knoxville, TN

K Whopper - Kenworth truck

Large Car - Conventional tractor

Lincoln, the - Illinois

Little Road - Two lane road

Little Word - Weigh station is open

Lone Star, the - Texas

Lot Lizard - Prostitute

Lowboy - Low to the ground flatbed trailer

Lizard with a Kickstand - Male prostitute

Lumper - Person who unloads trucks

Magnolia, the - Mississippi

Mail Box - Postal truck

Mardi Gras, the - New Orleans, LA

Meat Wagon - Ambulance

Mile High, the - Denver, CO

Monfort LaneLeft hand lane

Motor City - Detroit, MI

Motion Lotion - Fuel

Motown - Detroit, MI

Music City - Nashville, TN

Nickel, the - Buffalo, NY

Nutmeg, the - Connecticut

OD; Overdose - Old Dominion truck

Organ Donor - Speeding motorcyclist

Ovalhead - Peterbilt owner; Fan

Palmetto, the - South Carolina

Peach, the - Georgia

Pelican, the - Louisiana

Pete - Peterbilt truck

Pickle Park - Roadside Rest area

Pinetree, the - Maine

Pocket Rockets - Pills used to keep driver awake;Amphetamines

Pole Cat - Skunk

Portable Parking Lot - Car hauler

Potato, the - Idaho

Pumpkin - Schneider National truck

Pup trailer; Pup - A short trailer

Quick and Easy, the - QEW; Queen Elizabeth Way,Ontario

Queen City, the - Commonly: Charlotte, NC or Cincinnati, OH - Less commonly: Allentown, PA; Buffalo, NY; Bangor ME; Burlington, VT; Clarksville, TN; Cumberland, MD; Denver, CO; Helena, MT; Manchester, NH; Marion, IN; Plainfield, NJ; Seattle, WA; Spearfish, SD; Staunton, VA; Springfield, MO; Virginia, MN


Veteran Expediter
Safety & Compliance
US Coast Guard

Race Track, the - I-465 around Indianapolis, IN

Radio Check - Can you hear my radio?

Razorback, the – Arkansas

Rock, the – Little Rock, AR

Rocking Chair - One or more trucks between the “front door” and “back door” of a convoy

Rolling Road Block - Slow moving police cars blocking traffic flow; slow moving truck trying to pass another

Rubber City - Akron, OH

Sailboat Fuel - Empty truck; hauling nothing but air

Salt Shaker - Snow plow spreading salt

Schneider Eggs - Orange barrels at construction site

Seat Cover - Female in passenger seat; usually in a four wheeler

Sesame Street - CB Channel 19

Shake the Bushes - Run ahead to lure the police out of hiding

Shaky Town; Shaky, the - San Francisco, CA; Los Angeles, CA

Shaky Side - West coast

Shiny Hiney - Truck with stainless steel rear doors

Shooting You in the Back - Police radar/laser shooting you as you pass

Show Me, the - Missouri

Show-off Lane - Fast, passing lane

Silver, the - Nevada

Sin City - Reno, NV; Las Vegas, NV

Skate Board - Flatbed

Smokey Bear - Police Officer

Stagecoach - Passenger bus

Star Car - Western Star truck

Steel City - Pittsburgh, PA; Hamilton, ON

Sugar Bear - Female police officer

Sunflower, the - Kansas

Sunshine, the - Florida

Swamp, the -Montreal, PQ

Taking Pictures - Police using radar/laser

Tarheel, the - North Carolina

Ten – 4 - Message received, understand, OK, affirmative

Ten – 33 - Emergency

Ten – 20 - Location

Ten- 36 - Time of day?

Tijuana Taxi - Police car with lights flashing

Top of the Rock - Top of a mountain or hilly road

Travel Agent - Dispatcher

Triple Digit Ride - Truck that can exceed 100 mph

Trombone – Expandable pole trailer or flatbed

Twins, the - Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

U – P - Upper Peninsular, MI

Volunteer, the - Tennessee

Wagon - Truck trailer

Wall to Wall Bears - Police all over the place

Wally World - Wal-Mart

Watermelon 500, the - Atlanta, GA

Wiggle Wagon - Tandem or triple trailers

Windy, the - Chicago, IL

White Wrapper - Unmarked white police car; Also brown, blue wrapper, etc

White Rapper - Vanilla Ice; Eminem

Wolverine, the - Michigan

Yard - Trucking terminal

Yard Dog - Tractor used to move trailers at a terminal; a driver who operates a yard tractor

Yard Mule - Same as Yard Dog

Yardstick - Highway mile marker

Zipper - Highway dotted white line