Too hot to sleep


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Hey all. We are new to the site and I am trying to find my way around it. My husband and I are team drivers for Tri-State Expedited. We have been with them since Nov. 2019. The last month has found us numerous times crossing Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico,etc., and with daytime temps easily reaching 117+ and nighttime just under 100 degrees. Cab and sleeper ac struggles and it is difficult to get the rest needed. Does anyone have suggestions on how to stay comfortable enough to get some decent sleep?
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Captain obvious says don't go where it's over 100 degrees

Actually, I stay away from the hot areas just for those reasons. So it's a serious answer

Other then that, motel or
A/C with a generator.

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I always just used fans and a battery bank which was fine for me(lived in florida all my life).
That probably doesn't work for you so your next option would be a generator and an ac unit.
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I know it's old...but why not get the A/C checked? Even in the furnace that is Texas, especially at night, there shouldn't be any reason your truck isn't cranking cold AC at idle. For the cost of a few motel stays, you could be in good shape moving forward. Good freon levels, pressure/vac levels, clean condenser, filters (inline, in-cab, etc), effective condenser fan, etc. The smallest thing can have a great impact on the output and efficiency, especially when you're sitting still. I see you're long gone (1 post), but hopefully it helps someone else!