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Fuel for Thought Times Change

Discussion in 'Expediter Blogs' started by chillout, Feb 13, 2018.

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    After John Farmer loaded the last of the produce onto his old, nearly worn out wagon, he climbed aboard, grabbed the reins and with a little “hup”, he urged the two old mares to start the journey to town. Slowly, the old tired horses began to pull the heavily laden wagon with the weary farmer along the rutted road towards the market. With creaking wheels and bulging sides, the old wagon had seen better days, but the resourceful farmer had no desire to give it up, beside he didn't want to part with the mares that had served him well over the years. Along the way to town John was passed by Theodore Plowright in his new truck, John preferred the old slower horse drawn wagon over these new automobiles. He had seen plenty of automobiles and even trucks in town when he took his crops to market, but he thought it was a passing fancy and didn't want to spend his hard earned dollars on new equipment when he already had perfectly good horses. He would just continue on as always and the rest of the world would just have to work around him if need be.


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