Things you might need: Current Fuel Prices Nationw


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I've been doing more research lately as I get ready to go back on the road, and have found a few things that new and old drivers alike could use. If Lawrence doesn't mind, I'll post things that I have found along the way that I think will make things easier. Somethings, like websites, etc.. I'll just post the URL. For items I have found, useful tools etc.. many of those I find thru private dealers, ebay dealers, etc.. so I won't post their info on the forum. What I will do, is list what I've found, describe it, maybe give a pic.. and if anyone wants more info, they can email me, and I'll send them info as to where I found it.

Does this sound ok to everyone, without making me sound like I'm advertising for anyone?



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Fuel Prices Nationwide- Here are links to find current fuel prices for some of the more common truckstops. You can find them by State, City and or Interstate. Each site is updated several times a day, some as often as every 15 minutes. I think every driver with internet access should keep these saved in favorites, so they can plan ahead.



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RE: Things you might need: Current Fuel Prices Nat


Great idea!

We have no problem with this kind of information. The only time there may be a conflict is if it's a product or service that we have a sponsor for.

For example, we have a generator company called Pro-Heat - a link to another generator company maybe a conflict - as Pro-Heat is a sponsor of this web site.

This is a great idea! Let the posting begin!


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RE: Things you might need: Current Fuel Prices Nat

Try since most truckstops accept comdata's comchek...most truckstops are listed here on one site... only exception is flyingj. They maintain their own site.