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The VA- if you are a Veteran


Veteran Expediter
US Navy
  • Individual and group counseling for Veterans, service members, and their families
  • Family counseling for military related issues
  • Bereavement (grief) counseling
  • Military sexual trauma counseling and referral
  • Community outreach and education
  • Substance abuse assessment and referral
  • Employment referral
  • Referral of other VA servicesP
If you are a veteran---free blood testing, xrays,free eye exams and glasses, Free hearing aids and these are the good ones, medicines for BP and on can be free depending on your income,,,I pay 8 bucks usually for BP .meds, and Ibuprofhen . I get an bottle( 800mg of Ibuprofen) 6 month supply for 8 dollars. You can get diabetes meds also. Sign up..........
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