The Social Media Outlet for Human Debris


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As many have probably heard by now, a homicidal maniac - who ironically worked as a case manager for a behavioral health agency - is currently on the loose in OH, MI or PA after posting video of his cold-blooded murder of a 74-year old man on FacebookLive. This elderly victim was chosen at random after the killer allegedly "snapped" after having issues with his girlfriend.

One has to question the value of social media that allows criminals, perverts and social misfits to post video of their gruesome and repulsive activities. Of course every time something like this happens their "hits" or views will spike, especially when the event makes national news. Nothing like free advertising to help with revenue. However, how many other degenerates will be encouraged to livestream criminal acts as a method of getting their 15 minutes of fame? It hasn't been that long ago that a mentally handicapped teenager was savagely beaten by a gang of thugs in a similar post on FacebookLive. This outfit obviously has minimal controls and standards for the content of their postings, but at some point one wonders where legal liability comes into play.

I find it hard to believe there can't be a delay imposed for these postings until they can be reviewed; this is common on many internet forums, but apparently not on FacebookLive. They claimed this gruesome live-murder post was taken down after only three hours, along with other posts by the killer. Wonder how much revenue was generated in the meantime?

Steve Stephens suspect in Facebook Live killing, Cleveland Police say