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I don’t think it’s enough just to call out the Fake News in The Fake News Depot.

The REAL NEWS needs a platform as well.



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Although commendable, would the investments be made with out the tax breaks.
Does it matter?

CNN's article really didn't focus on the program at all, but rather focused on a narrative that tries to make Trump look bad, being nothing more than a tax break for his family and friends.

The fact is, it's a hugely positive thing for inner cities, and, for block people But CNN and the MSM just can't be havin' that sort of talk where Trump does things that benefit black people. I'm mean, c'mon, he's a racist! We can't be talkin' 'bout Trump doin' non racist stuff! That's just cray cray..

CNN's own Van Jones worked closely with Ben Carson and the Trump administration on this from the very beginning. It's curious that in the article CNN mentioned several people who were present at the signing, but somehow forgot to give a little shout out to a very present Mr. Jones. Curious indeed.
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