Ta/Petro Citizens Award


Veteran Expediter
Fleet Owner
US Marines
A few days ago I got a phone call from TA/Petro telling me that I had been nominated twice for the TA/Petro Citizens Award. I was in tears as this is a honor for me and a total shock. I do a lot of charity work that I try to keep it private, but TA/Petro knew everything.

It's an honor to me and my family and to all the people that has helped me over the years. Dave Corfman and Terry O, Lawrence McCord, Jeff Garra, Scott Mayfield, Jim Mayfield and my older brother Harry Mayfield that is also a driver.

My family has been in transportation for over 100 years now and has many CDL holders. My father had the biggest impact on me becoming a driver, as he drove in the Army and in the Air force. He died doing what he loved, and that was trucking. This one is for you Dad. No matter if I make it to the next round or not. Its an honor for me and my Carrier Bolt Express. I would like to thank the many people at FedEx Custom Critcal and Panther that help me get to the point in expediting.