Straight truck team driving


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Night Thrasher
My wife and I are thinking about changing careers. We would like to know if straight truck expediting is really worth the time spent on the road. Is the work there? Is the money there?, provided we run the business properly. Are there too many straight trucks for the loads available? What about it's future? (economy, Mexican influence, etc)?


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We just bought a used truck and just started with FedEx today. We'll let you know how it works out with us. We are really impressed with FedEx so far.


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Nighthrasher: while you're starting off on the right foot, asking questions, you're asking the wrong questions. "Are there loads?" (Yes. Depending on where you are, & when you're there, & other factors that change according to the calendar, among other things) "Too many straight trucks?" (Yes. Or no - depends on where you are, & when, etc) "Is it worth it?" (Yes, if you succeed, and you enjoy it. No, if you don't, or your spouse doesn't. Hellno, if neither of you enjoy it, or you don't make enough money) "The future?" Um, you're just kidding, with that one, right? Do you really think someone can give you an answer to that? Would you accept it if they did? Good luck getting your money back, if you do, & it turns out their crystal ball was somewhat cracked....
All any of us can do is gather as much info as possible, but it should be objective info. The subjective info you're asking for can't help, because everyone will have a different reply, and the thing is, they're ALL right - by their standards. But what's "good enough" for one aint necessarily even close, for another, ya know? Without knowing what YOU think is 'enough', how can we help?