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Hello all, I'm about to drive for a fleet owner through Bolt. I know they hold my check for 3 weeks and I'm about to go out with very little money (Divorce left me with nothing). My question is does Bolt do any sort of Cash Advances for new drivers or am I screwed using the little money I have on fuel and tolls?
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That’s the advice from a van guy.
It may seem like a long three weeks, but I bet your first three weeks are over in 21 days.
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Payments from a carrier to a leased contractor are often discussed here in EO. I suspect that all the legitimate carriers are complying with the provisions of FMCSA regulations at 376.12(f). This regulation requires a carrier's lease with a contractor (lessor) specify that payments be paid to the lessor within 15 days after submission of the required delivery documents and other required paperwork. In Kennyday's instance, he will be a subcontractor of a lessor; he should have a written contract/lease agreement with the truck owner. Included in the subcontractor's lease should be all of the documents and paperwork required to be sent and to whom they are sent. If a driver thinks it is reasonable to wait 6 days after the owner has the money to pay him then that is OK. BTW, A copy of the truck owner's lease with a carrier must be carried in the leased truck at all times so, the driver should read it know his responsibilities as a representative of the owner. See 376.12(l). In lieu of a copy of the lease, an owner must have a statement in the truck that specifies many of the conditions of the lease. See 376.12(c)(2).

Kennyday, Consider this. Today's (9 Mar) national average cost per mile of a 15 mpg gasoline van is 16.88 cents. Multiply this times the miles that the owner says you will get per week and you will know the cash/credit you will need just for fuel. On the east coast you could easily spend $100 a week on tolls. $100 weekly food budget will help to keep your weight down. I truly hope your ex-wife has left you enough to weather the storm. We wish you the best if this is your choice for your next move.