Somebody out there owes me a "thank you."


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Got an "opportunity" message this afternoon for a run tomorrow from NC to CT. Price came in under my target for the number of miles, and since I don't particularly like running into the Northeast anyway I was disinclined to discount my services. I turned the load down, but gave them an alternate price. About 10 minutes later the same "opportunity" dinged into the system, this time with my price down to the penny. My rule is if I give a price and they accept it, I'm committed to take the load, so we sent an accept and started to get ready for a quick departure. We're used to the QC taking its sweet time in spitting out the run info information, but eventually the wife noticed that there had been only one message come in while she was putting things away and getting the truck shipshape for travel. She took a look and, surprise, it was a Notification message that the load had been dispatched to a different truck. My price for the load, another truck. Sweet.

I know how the system works, and I understand it. Doesn't mean that I have to like it when something like this happens.

Whoever you are, you're welcome.


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Used to have that happen to us too.

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Has happened to us several times as well. I have even been called at 02:00 and was asked the infamous "what would you do this load for?" question, quote them a price, only to see it come over the QC as an opp, accept it, then get a notification that it was given to another truck for our "what would you do it for" bid. LOL, as you said (not in your exact words) that's how it goes!!