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I am a fairly new CDL-A holder interested in the expediting industry. I am looking to find out how SOLO drivers make out in the business? Can it be profitable? Will fleet owners hire SOLO drivers?
Any info would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good morning, I just happened to notice your question concerning female drivers and expedite. I figured I would throw this in being with my expedite company we have a couple of solo female cdl-a drivers and they do quite well. I cannot say they do more than any other drivers but they are a strong part of the group. Ont thing I have noticed that I think is an edge with my female drivers is they seem to have a very very good eye for detail while operating.
As far as do expedite companies hire solo females, sure.... Why not??? Well, I know you said you are new and not sure who you are running with but welcome to the world of expedite and I hope you will find it to be not only profitable but also very rewarding business. Feel free to drop a note anytime, would love to hear how you are liking it.


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It's difficult, but not impossible, for an inexperienced solo driver to get a seat in an owner's truck. If you haven't been there, check out the free classifieds where owners are looking for drivers

Driver Wanted

There is also a place where drivers may post a free ad when looking for an owner. Good luck in your search.

Several carriers will help a driver with a referal to owners looking for drivers' referals. Check with the recruiting department of some of them
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I'm a team driver so i can't give much personal experience on it but i recently talked to a solo and he said he made around $500 take home a week. not a whole lot.