So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-Bye


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How does one sum up an Independent Contractor career in expediting in such a short space? It was May, 1989 when Rene’ and I signed our first lease with Roberts Express. Our first run was a pickup in St Louis with a straight through delivery in Indianapolis. It seemed like we would never arrive at that first delivery because we didn’t have the luxury of local knowledge of a city we’d never visited, nor the GPS equipment we enjoy today.

We now have nearly 3000 runs behind us that have taken us to all but two of the lower 48 States and three Canadian Provinces. Our five cargo vans have transported us over one and a half million miles through thousands of cities, towns and villages. We stopped at many of them to enjoy the sights, sounds and people they had to offer. We’ve enjoyed lobster with drawn butter at a roadside stand near Bar Harbor, Maine; Clam Chowdah on Cape Cod; an early morning breakfast at a café on South Beach, Miami; tacos in Laredo and Albuquerque; Abalone in Santa Barbara, California; deep dish pizza in Chicago; Canadian style peameal bacon with eggs and brown toast in Toronto and, when in Quebec City, who among us doesn’t order lard peameal de modele Canadien avec les oeufs et le pain grille’ brun.

Rene’ and I have enjoyed the friendship, companionship and camaraderie of many hundreds of expediters from all walks of life who have represented most of the expedite carriers with whom many of us are familiar, and some that are not familiar or long ago out of business. We have celebrated the births of children to fellow expediters; we’ve shared in the joy at two trucker weddings and we’ve mourned the deaths of too many of our expediter friends. We are better people because of these experiences and relationships.

Among our proudest professional accomplishments has been the honor that our carrier, FedEx Custom Critical, bestowed on us by selecting us to participate in a five year reign on the Contractor Council. We trust that this relationship has served them well and that our input has helped to lead to improved policies and procedures that affect our fellow contractors. Our relationship with Lawrence McCord and his staff at On Time media and has been particularly rewarding. We have endeavored to be candid and realistic when discussing expediting opportunities with the many people we have met at several Mid-America Trucking Shows where EO has had a booth each year, at Expediter Workshops, and all of the Expedite Expos. I have learned much from the EO forum members and have particularly enjoyed sharing the tid-bits of knowledge, we’ve gleaned over the years, with newbies and veterans alike.

Now, after 19 years of cargo van expediting, Rene’ has dissolved her lease agreement with our carrier, laid me off as her driver and turned in her FedEx Custom Critical contractor ID card. She will now be spending much of her time rearranging her garden and maintaining our home. I have been offered a recently established position with FedEx Custom Critical, so I am exchanging my contractor ID card for an employee ID card. My new employer will be announcing the scope of my duties in the very near future, so I will not be discussing them here in the forum. Unfortunately, I have decided that my continued participation in the forum would not be appropriate. As a rookie employee, I can’t imagine that my company would be pleased with me speaking on their behalf; therefore, I have offered my resignation as a forum moderator to Lawrence and Dreamer. I will continue reading and learning all that EO and its forum members have to offer, but I will not be posting.

I thank each of you for the kind comments and the courtesies that you have afforded Rene’ and me and, for now, I bid you adieu.


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While I understand your decision not to post on behalf of or as a representative of your employer, at least until instructed by them to do so, I have to disagree with your decision to not post at all. You have such a wealth of information and knowledge beyond Fedex specific information it's a shame to not have that excellent resource available. Certainly discussion of topics such as van selection and specifications, gps choices, good layover spots in whatever podunk is under discussion etc. would have no impact on Fedex and provide solid information to the discussion. I truly hope you'll reconsider and refrain only from direct discussion of Fedex while still contributing to the discussions of lifestyle, equipment etc. that are also important topics. Most of all, best of luck to you and we look forward to hearing all about your new adventure.


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As a realitive newbie on here I quickly learned that Terry and Rene's posts were well worth the read. Concise and to the point, the information was almost always spot on never an exercise in self promotion or carrier cheerleading, it was simply told like it is. As I started down this road I learned a lot about what to look for before you got started and what to look out for once I was up and running, I have to admit the phrase "what would terryandrene do?" has been thought of a few times. I had the pleasure of meeting both at the show in Louisville this year. Had a great chat and left feeling enriched.

I think it's safe to say I can speak for a lot of the "newer" folks on here when I say,



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Thanks so much, enjoyed your comments and your no axe to grind style,a credit to this community and the profession.I respect your not posting,ya gotta get comfortable in your new job and since it's a new postion within the business ya want avoid conflicks or misconceptions.I hope in the future you may reconsider,however that is a bit selfish on my part.You do what's best for you and your family,thanks again.


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Unfortunate, indeed. While I'm with Leo on this one, I do not know your new position nor the duties that will come with it. It may very well be that posting here would be inappropriate. I hope that turns out to not be the case.


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Wow Terry
I feel as though I have been kicked in the stones..:eek:
I can't imagine the forum without you and Renee.
You have been a "class act" for as long as I have had the pleasure and will surely miss your demeanor and professionalism.
As far as the Fed is concerned I can't think of anyone more qualified to represent and am confident we will hear more from you.
(or at least I surely hope so)
Thank you for all your contributions and for making us hold ourselves to a higher standard based on your example..
Mike and Cyn


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Terry: I can only hope that your new position is half as rewarding as being Rene's driver has been! You both deserve the best life has to offer, and here's hoping it comes your way.
If you decide that posting is not something you can do anymore, we will miss that, but wish you the best in all ways, and always.:)
PS Garcia says that goes double for him!:D


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Terry and Rene,

You two were among the very first to tell us about the life and work of expediting after we discovered this style of trucking by stumbling upon the EO booth at the Mid-America Trucking Show in 2003. The personal stories you shared helped us know that expediting is work worth doing and a lifestyle worth living. For that, we have always been grateful, and will always be.

When you feel the need to scratch your itch to write, the pages of Expedite NOW are open to you. Diane and I wish the two of you the very best in your future endeavors.


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Terry & Rene,

OK I read it, but it is not setting in yet!!

I am glad to see you staying involved in a feild that you have given so much to. I know we all will miss you and hope you don't leave EO. You have always been open and equal toward all carriers in your post as well as a great Ambassador for Fedex Custom Critical.

Ya'll are GOOD PEOPLE Terry & Rene and I wish you the very best life has to offer in the future.


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Terry - NOOOOOOO, say it ain't so!! NOOOOOOO! Well, okay, hope this new position is one you will love. I hope you wake up every morning excited about what you are doing. Enjoy every moment! We will miss you here!


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I, along with the others certainly hope this won't be your last post. In any case, live long and prosper.


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Terry, I always looked forward to your posts on a subject because I knew that they would be honest, complete with detail and with no bias. You will be missed around here!
Best of luck in your new position and I hope that after you get settled, we will see you again.


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Terry was also instrumental in getting us started down the right path many years ago at one of the Expo's in Detroit. We attended one of his seminars and took lots of notes. Terry and Rene' have kept us on the straight and narrow and always looking toward the future. His mentorship has been worth a fortune to us and we consider ourselves very lucky indeed to live near them and also to be leased to the same company. We will sure miss your candid insightful FedEx Custom Critical posts on here. We knew this day was coming and we have dreaded reading this post! We wish you luck at FCC and they are lucky to have you!


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Terry and Rene,

Good luck with your new position and lifestyle.


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I too shall miss your posts and insights. Your posts have helped us move our business ahead faster than our plan. With any luck you wil find that you can still post in spite of your new life. On the bright side, if you are at FDCC we will get to see you when we come in for training etc. Good luck and keep in touch. Layoutshooter


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FECC's gain is our loss! I hope that in the future you will post once again on E.O. At the very least remain accessible via the private message system to share your wealth of knowledge.

I applaud FedEx for recognizing a need and creating a position for a person of your experience and caliber. Some companies would fear you.

Good luck, er, um... best wishes to you and Rene in your new endeavors!

p.s. you could always post under an alias.


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I will miss reading your posts. I would hope that you could offer generic information that isn't carrier specific, but you have to use your best judgment. Good luck.


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I'm sure that no one will be surprised that Terry will be just as he has always been, I think that when he states something, it has been well thought out and carefully considered. If he feels that it could jeopardize his or others integrity, he simply would not consider doing it.

like the others, if this new chapter is something you would rather do, then go for it. I think most here are better for having read your posts filled with calm, thoughtful ideas, and different approaches to problems.

Good luck to the two of you.