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Shock Sensors


Active Expediter
We have been seeing more and more shock sensors attached to the freight. We haven't had any problems with them so far.The temp sensors are seen once in while too.
I was just wondering has anyone had a sensor trigger and what happened after that. Feel free to PM if you want.
One shipper was explaining to me the different types they use and we were carrying the most sensitive ones they have. Delivery 1000 miles away over rough CA roads went fine.


Staff member
We have seen the tilt indicators on a few products we haul and have had no problems.


Expert Expediter
A lot of the Roberts Express, White Glove, freight, of old, had shock sensors.

Also tip indicators, etc ...... some folks wanted assurance the product had remained as it was place on the truck.


Active Expediter
Yes, we have transported many tip n tells too. They don't concern me at all. I am confident with my securement abilities.
The shock sensors go all the way down to .5g force. I'm not sure how much force that is. Is it a big pot hole at 62 mph?
I think I'll order a few and test them out. May be interesting. As I said no problems so far but just a little uneasy feeling as to the shippers ability to package properly with some of these mega declarsd $$ items.
Love the air ride suspension and extra shipping blankets. A happy shipper is a repeat shipper.

Thanks for your comments....... off we go again.