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Rob, while this all may sound a bit out there to you, it is something everyone should think about. I'm glad you made the point that all our canadian neighbors are NOT angels as the ONLY time we've ever had a problem was in canada. We made the "mistake" of parking in a service center and the driver beside us didn't appreciate that the noise of our truck woke him up. When we came out with our coffee, he was wide awake and ready. He chased us down the road with his interior light on ranting and raving like a mad man on the cb, you talk about crazed!! Maybe he should have given more thought to where he was parking if he was going to be so cranky when awoke! Point being, there's weirdos EVERYWHERE now adays, irregardless of which side of the border you're on. I couldn't tell in all the excitement whether that driver was dialing 911 as he was doing all of this or not but if I had to guess I'd say that was the last thing on his mind!! DD

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RE: Self Protection In Canada (Ontario)

No, we have our share of nut cases here too.
BUT....should that type of situation arise again where you are uncomfortable from someones actions(which I hope that it doesn't) just grab your cell phone and dial *OPP (STAR OPP)
Road rage is a problem here, especially in the GTA(greater Toronto Area) and Cam Wooley's gang love to have roadside chats with idiots like that.
Cam Wooley is the OPP head of traffic enforcement in the Toronto area.

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RE: Self Protection In Canada (Ontario) i would never dream of carrying anything of the sort into reply contained a bit of what we call , Dark humor,admittedly to the excess, and i apologize, if ive offended anyone.... Its interesting to note that since Britain and Australia have banned semi automatic rifles etc etc adnauseum, that theyre crime rates HAVE increased dramatically ! I do have statistics for the canadian crime rates, especially Torontos since canadas gun, rifle bans have gone into effect but wont go into that as im not sure exactly of them. ( on a side note its interesting to also note that most canadians have chosen not turn thier semi rifles into the government as demanded, and i say bravo to them ) I to have ran into drivers that are ready to get ya at the drop of a hat, yes in canada. Please dont misconstrue this, as i love Canada and its countrymen On a historical note Stalin and Hitler knew that in order to impliment thier nefarious plans for thier fellow countrymen, one of the first things they instituted were gun laws, even confication ,such that, those folks in those countrys had no means of rising up and squelching the "gov. that bes" plans. Had the populous had a means of defence ,how different the world might be today ...Our forefathers saw this as a possiblity ,hence the right to keep and bear arms ammendment. AS Americans ( well most) take the right to bear arms VERY seriously as we have seen history and have learned from it. I in no means want or have a desire to turn this thread into a political discussion of "dogmas" to each his own i say...but on a personal note; as the past president of the NRA once said, Charleton Heston,as he held a prized rifle high over his head at a recent convention of like inded folk, "they can have mine when they pry them from "my cold dead hands" . I was afraid that my "gallows humor" might offend some, so i apologize here...well my web tv thing once again wont allow me to see any further replies, but this is a good and necessary thread and i thank the author who started it. Have a good weekend people, looks like spring has sprung,:)...( still pacing and waiting for that run )..many blessings W.R.