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Replaced fuel filter, truck won't start


New Recruit
Last night I took the fuel filter off HINO 268 to clear something that seemed to be floating around inside the plastic dome (fuel level was at about medium height). I replaced the filter (same filter; hadn't planned to change so no new part on hand) After reassembly, I started the truck and let it run for a couple of minutes. This morning, engine won't start. I removed the top cap and added about a gallon of diesel over the course of about 15 minutes. At first the fuel would drain slowly from the plastic cover, but now it drains pretty quickly. Still no luck. Not sure if I should keep adding diesel or get a fresh filter when the shop opens or if there is something else that can be done. I'd welcome any suggestions.


Seasoned Expediter
Sounds like air is getting in there. Are the o rings good, no cuts or abrasions? Did you lubricate them before reinstalling them? Did you tighten the dome ring properly? If not, air can get in and the fuel can drain back. First time I changed my filter I had that issue and it turns out the ring that holds the dome on wasn't tightened enough.

It isn't recommended to reuse the old filter and o rings, but if you did I'd check those things first.


Staff member
Check that the big o-ring didn't fall off of the clear plastic housing, I've seen them installed improperly causing these symptoms.