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BBF0D1E6-0437-4F5E-9A36-1AF196CF8D34.jpeg I thought I needed new hinges on the Large Norcold in the RV.
Swung by a trusted refrigerator repair guy in Shipshewanna In.
He quickly showed me why I needed a door.
Said I can give you a take-off for $50.00.,
This was for the large door.
They switched it out in about 20 minutes and apologized that the had to charge me the minimum 1/2 hr of labor.
At the ridiculous FIFTY DOLLARS PER HOUR !
I tried not to smile too much when I handed him my $78.50.
Less than 45 minutes gate to gate.
They do rooftop air on RVs also. NO AIR on semi as they need a different unit to handle vibration.
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Veteran Expediter
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Another thought from my visit.
We discussed the top freezer needing defrosting often.
He said:
It’s a design flaw.
Turn off and empty unit.
With both doors open you’ll see a metal full width strip held in by 6 screws.
Silicon an outline around the screws ( on the backside) and silicone each screw itself.
There’s a chemical in the silicone that will turn your refrigerator’s insides yellow if you don’t wait 24 hours.
After 24 hours return to normal usage.
This will stop air from entering freezer causing excessive frosting.
Excessive frosting is only good on a cake.

Looks like I’ve got another project when I get home.
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I’ve seen his ads. I cut it out and keep it in my truck. Never had the time to go by. But now I will knowing that you went there. Thanks Stick. Can you take some pics when you do the frosting problem. I have that also
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Veteran Expediter
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Definitely will take pics.
They’ve moved about a mile north of thier old location.
Now about 1.5,miles south of 120 on 15. East side of road.


Veteran Expediter
Retired Expediter
6C689C1A-6B5E-4FD3-9E8C-B137720C9415.jpeg I hooked up with Zorry and rode over to another vendor that impressed me.
Mr Wrench of Shipshewanna In. Another Amish tech that did a service and added a quick drain valve to his Onan.
Arrived at 08:00. In by 08:30, out about 09:30.,
When we walked in to pay the bill a second ARI sleeper was backing in. By the time we paid, a third ARI sleeper was waiting his chance.
$85 per hour.
Heard them quote a guy 6 hrs labor to pull unit, separate motor from generator, change oil pan, reassemble and reinstall.
They appear to know thier way around an Onan.

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