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Hey guys. Back expediting in old 2015 transit diesel van.
As I'm traveling with my Gf i would like her to have a more comfortable sleep while I'm driving
Issue is the space In back is already a 148" usually freight we carry is not even. Full skids but there is a partition behind seats
It is probably not Legal to put the blow up bed in motion.
Also if I was to move the partition back then I'm down to below expedite standards for Tforce and cannot take two skids.

I have thought about cutting away the partition so the seat can recline back (passenger).
Is there other options of making a Legal sleeping.platform or bed that would not compromise cargo space

I'm thinking there is.a lot of the space up In bulkhead of the cab wondering what are the options of. Legally putting a bed up there?

I know In the long term it sounds like I need extended van but I got this one outright and it's great and reliable and fits the freight just isn't ideal for team travel. But I'm willing to put in money to alter it. Suggestions welcome...


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One thing to keep in mind is, cargo vans under 10,001 pounds are not regulated by the DOT or the FMCSA, so there's nobody to tell you the sleeper is legal or illegal. All you really need to be concerned with is comfortable and safe. It needs to be comfortable, obviously, and if anyone is sleeping back there while the van is moving they need to be able to be strapped in or otherwise secured.

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I was wondering if things are different in Canada rules and regulations. I know their gvw under the radar limit was less than us in the states, according to a former Canadian driver a few years ago.
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