Problema con el sistema DEF HINO 268 2013


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alguien que me pueda ayudar!!! He llevado mi camión a diferentes lugares para reparar el sistema DEF y me han hecho cambiar muchas partes y aún sigue dándome problemas!!! El código que me está mostrando es -> Engine P204F. Corrió más de 'mil millas y no está consumiendo el líquido DEF. Ya le cambie el injector, los quemadores, Mande a limpiar el filtro. Que debo hacer o recomiéndenme un lugar en New Jersey que puedan resolverme el problema


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TRANSLATION: Can someone help me!!! I have taken my truck to different places to have the DEF system repaired and they have had me change many parts and it is still giving me problems!!! The code you are showing me is -> Engine P204F. Ran over a thousand miles and is not consuming the DEF fluid. I already changed the injector, the burners, have the filter cleaned. What should I do or recommend a place in New Jersey that can solve the problem
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I sent a pm, but for the record. P204F is only telling you you have an issue with the SCR system. It is a generic code, it does not tell you anything else. There are over 50+ specific codes that relate to what the issue is. Posting any and all codes will generate a specific diagnostic repair plan, rather than having you check 50+ things.


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P204F is set in the ECU when the DCU sees a fault and requests the check engine light. The real fault codes are in the DCU and I don't think any generic scan tool can access that.

If anyone has a generic tool that can access the DCU then please share.