Please Note... Update to the Code Of Conduct, regarding The Soapbox.

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We have added an update to the Code of Conduct, specifically item #17 dealing with the Soapbox.

We've tried to keep it low rule, but we've had to add a couple due to some issues lately.

This addition will apply to all current and future members as of today.



17. The Soapbox Forum
The Soapbox contains topics which engender strong opinions and passions, therefore the Code of Conduct rules are often less rigidly enforced, so as to allow a more free and relaxed discussion. However, insults directly or indirectly towards individuals or entire groups (religious, political or otherwise) will not be tolerated. Responses must be on-topic and not directed at the individual (respond to the post, not the poster). You will not be permitted to post messages in The Soapbox Forum until you have at least 25 posts of consequence in other forums. The Soapbox Forum is a forum for expediters to express their opinions to other expediters. If you are not an expediter, you may still participate, but only with the understanding that the Code of Conduct will be more strictly enforced so as to prevent disruptions within the forums.
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