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Perfect Expedite Paperwork Holder/Folder


Expert Expediter

For the Newbies

For $20 at Walmart, you can purchase one of these.

In regular shipping, I’ve seen some truck drivers pick up 12-14 BOLs at one time, so it’s better for them to have the wide metal encased BOL holder.

But for a typical Van Expedite, this item is perfect.

*Scratch pad for the quick, write this down moments.

*Folder section for past BOLs

*Holder section for current BOL

*Section to hold envelopes

*Card Holder Section to hold stamps as well as pictures, if you get creative.

*Convenient place in the center for a pen or two.

Also, it’s light, looks nice in presentation, and is a perfect firm writing space on the back to get that signature done quickly.

Items like this with reasonable care will last you as long as you want it to. The one I have previous is still in perfect shape, honestly I just wanted a new one to look at, lol.

Hope this helps someone.

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