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    Hey all, I have a few questions about per diem. I drive a straight truck with sleeper, so I know I can claim per diem. However, some things about it confuse me.
    1. Can I automatically claim 80% of $59 for each full day away from home? Or do I have to track all meal expenses and claim up to the $59?
    2. Days where I leave home/arrive home, do I have to track by the 1/4 day, or can I do the "standard 3/4" I have read about several places?
    3. Does per diem include anything other than food? Can I deduct motels and showers separately?
    Thank you all for the help :)
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    Nov 5, 2011
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    i would also like to know if the per diem is split between a married team?good questions justin, my wife and i were just talking about that yesterday.oh yeah,what about car rentals on the road?
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    1. Take the standard deduction 80% of $59 unless you spend more per day and can prove it.

    2. I don't understand what you are asking with this question.

    3. Motels are a deductible expense. Save your receipts. I'm not sure about showers. If it ain't free, I don't shower. Anyone that has met me can attest to that!
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    Per diem is for food and transportation to get food. Per diem is per person not per truck.
  5. paullud

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    Cutts Specialized Transportation
    1. Yes, 80% of $59 automatically.
    2. It is done by 1/4 of a day.
    3. Yes, you can claim them.

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    Straight truck

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    Your are entitled to $59.00 per day for every day that you log, or if in a cargo van keep a acturate record on each day,

    If you are in a cargo van, you are also allowed the standard mileage deduction if you use the courier desigation on your return.

    He is what you have to do to Prove Per Diem
    If you are in a Straight Truck or Tractor Trailer you have your log Books, even if they are electronic. you also have to remember to get a copy of the electronic log book per week if possible, the companies do not have to keep your electronic logs past 6 months, but you will have to have copies for yourself for a minimun of 3 years, max of 7 years. if you are audited.

    Cargo Vans, must keep more accurate records, for both the Per Diem and the Standard Mileage Rate if you use it. The record must be kept for each and every day similar to your log books, but more precise, name of Shipper, reciever, Date, date delivery, time. each trip starts with your Deadhead, pickup, delivery, and then to the area where your going to spend the night, and it then starts all over again the next day.
    I have available (trip sheet for this which must be kept (1 for every Load.) with a mileage chart) it also includes Per Diem information on it. Just request one

    The rate is $59.00 per day subject to 80% of the total, or $47.20 per day.
    and really no driver eats more than that per day, $ 15,27 per meal.

    If you spend over that you MUST HAVE RECIEPTS, AND IT IS NOT SUBJECT TO 80% ITS SUBJECT TO ONLY 50%.

    Hotels, Hotels, RV Parks, Etc are subject to a 100% under travel, and it must be for business purposes only, no personal period,
    Its for Breakdowns, abd weekends for the times you want to get a real bed to sleep In, and not in a sleeping bag, or hammock, or any makshift bed and definitely a decent Shower or Bath. not a quick cleanup.
    Must have Room Receipts for all Motel stays,

    Showers: All showers paid for only are totally deductible.
    Laundry: There are no receipts given for the Washing machines and dryers you use at truckstop, motel, laundrymats,
    What you have to do is write a reciept for yourself like this
    Date, name of place you did your laundry, cost of supplies, detergent, softner, static control, and your washing machine and Dryer. for each day you do laundry
    or I can send one to you Via Email it for both the laundry and for showers.

    If you are coverd for showers by the fuel you purchase it is not deductible, cause your showers are free, it is only for the showers you actually pay for, and you should receive a receipt for.

    If you have any addtional questions, please do not hesitate to ask
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    Standard meal deduction subject to 80%. On days returning home and on days leaving home are these days subject to 3/4 of the standard meal deduction as is the case for the standard mileage deduction?
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    My question is this. Is it better to take the mileage deduction or the deduction for the fuel cost. I am a expediter that is a go between. What I mean by that is I could fuel up as an MC carrier and pay the tax later but must truck stops don't have a nozzle that will fit because they are to big so I fuel up in front and pay retail price for fuel. I do keep receipts as best as I can but sometimes forget to take the receipt and I am to far when I realize That its to late to go back and get it.

    Also I have been considering a company like yours that know this industry to keep the book work and tax filing. Are you just bound to your state or can you work with anyone from anywhere and what kind of costs can I expect from a service like yours? If you can send me a little more information to Thanks

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