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Paid Miles


Veteran Expediter
I have noticed over the last 3 weeks all most all the loads being dispatched to me are short on the paid miles....example.......did a load 2 weeks ago that paid 697 miles and I drove 742 miles..

I know this happens from time to time and that there are some customers that the paid miles never are the same as the actual driven miles. over the last 3 weeks seems like every load is not paying what you are driving....makes me think that its not the customer but Panther......

Please tell me if this is happening to you before I start pointing fingers. I had to ask for a 50:00 dollar bonus to cover the shorted miles on the last load I did. I would like to suggest that when you are accepting a load it is a good ideal to run the mileage before making you final decision...............Be Safe and hope everybody has a Good Holiday............


Seasoned Expediter
I have 3 trucking maping programs and run them when miles are off and i queston them sometimes the milage gets adjusted and sometimes not