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Greetings from California.

I and my Partner made a drop in Hanford last night and moved South per suggestion. We are waiting for loads out of the LA area. Unfortunately, it's beginning to look like the number of trucks in the area was misrepresented. We are at the bottom of a long line before we'll get a load back toward more reliable lanes.

I have heard of people booking loads from other boards to get back faster. If I wanted to do this, what is the best way to go about it? Could I book something through DAT and let Panther know I have a load of XYZ going to Akron, or do I have to run the booking through Panther?


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If you log onto the driver web there are instructions on how to book a load. I've never done this so I have no experience or advice. I've read the instructions once and it was very informative.


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Keep in mind that on back haul loads you'll only get 85% of the load. They pay in a much lower category. I'm not sure if you are straight truck or tractor. Tractor tend to be easier to get loaded. I use the landstar board which is free and I have an app on my android called Keychain and also one for the DAT board. There are certain loads you cannot run so keep that in mind and also it has to be a carrier that they approve as well. It's certainly not ideal. That said what I normally do is call around to the brokers and secure something then call Panther to make sure we can haul for them. They don't allow paper rolls hazmat and a few other items like food for back hauls. Normally I call Chris or Wally in backhauls, but dispatch can help or contractor relations can refer you to who is handling the backhauls for the weekend. Many times it's the supervisor over dispatch who makes the call on if you can do it. Holiday weekends are fun...

Also always confirm the confirmation sheet they received matches that you agreed with the broker about such as the linehaul price and locations to deliver. They will fax a confirmation to Panther and you just to verify what is in the QC.
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You can not "book" the load without first calling Panther to make sure that the broker will pay. So you find a load you call on it settle on a price then tell them to call Panther's backhaul dept or have the backhaul guys call the broker always tell Panther the amount you agreed upon from time to time a broker will drop the price when they talk to the office. Don't roll to the load until backhaul says its ok. Also let them know you are willing to take a backhaul before you get in if the number if trucks there is high.