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OOPS our dispatch system had a problem last night

Discussion in 'FedEx Custom Critical' started by interstategar, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. interstategar

    interstategar Expert Expediter

    Jan 1, 2008
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    Thursday April 9, 2015 1500. I just called my CC to ask her where I came up on the points for 2 B loads that were dispatched out of CIN today. I'm sitting with a less than 75. 1<75 B ahead of me, still. She checked and she, oh, your not show you have any dwell time. I said well this morning at 0930 I was showing 16 hours of dwell. She told me, well last night we had an error in our DVA system, and it doesn't distinguish Teams from single drivers, which I am, so when the system came back up, since you weren't a team, it didn't show you had any hours, while any teams didn't lose any hours. The 2 loads out of CIN she told me were both team loads anyway, so I wouldn't have been called. I asked her for the load numbers of those loads. She said "I can't give that info".
    I was also told to, in the future keep checking your status, in case the system goes down again. I said, really? I asked her how often does this DVA sys go down. "Its rare, but it does happen. I asked her how long has this problem of single units losing all their dwell time when the DVA goes down. Her answer, since the DVA sys had been used. "We have been trying to get this fixed, since the start, but it not being fixed. I asked her, does Virginia Alabanese know about this problem? her answer, yes. As, an owner and driver I've never been told about this DVA issue! Why, is my question. I could be sitting at a center as a total waste of time when the almighty DVA goes down. I was told by the CC, some of the experience dispatcher go by memory who is checked in and about what swell time they have an will send out loads even if a unit shows a fraction of their real time, other newer dispatchers don't know and just go by what the system shows, all the time.

    So if your just sitting and sitting, and sitting, better call up the VRU all the time. Your dwell time showing on your CLINK might not be what their almighty DVA is showing. Happy waiting...
  2. Pro3500

    Pro3500 Active Expediter Owner/Operator

    Apr 18, 2014
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    I had a load in May I excepted, computer said "you have been dispatched on load #". Waited about 15 minutes nothing came on the C-link. I called checked on myself it had me dead heading for home. I called told them what happened. I was told no offer had been sent to me. I was asked for the load # and I hadn't written it down (took the call on cell). It got a little heated and when I said I must have made it up she said must be!. 2 days before that I excepted a load and was told I was dispatched on. Fired up the C-link and was waiting for the info. The phone rang and I got the "we are sorry load # was dispatched to another truck" I called and said what the hey they gave me the load! she said the driver ahead of me had 10 minutes to except or decline the load. He excepted just before the 10 minutes expired. I said that's not right I was dispatched on the load. She just kept saying like a recording "he had 10 minutes to except or decline" I figure in both events it was given to an outside contractor at the last minute. In both cases I lost all my dwell time. Both times when I lost it the computer (or dispatch) had me dead heading home.
  3. Deville

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    Apr 2, 2006
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    Guy's don't waste your time with a dispatcher. If you feel your issue is legit demand to speak to a facilitator or higher. Dispatch can't do anything for you. A facilitator will get to the bottom of an issue one way or the other.

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