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Obama leads Romney in polls....


Veteran Expediter
History shows EVRY election cycle that the liberal media gives at least 5% advantage in "the polls" until a week before the actual election, when they are forced to bring their "polls" in line. Anyone who believes the polls of today have anything to do with an election 10 months away in nuts.


Seasoned Expediter
I'm shocked.. shocked I tell you. Who'd have thunk that the guy that was beat (Romney) by the guy that was beat by Obama (McCain) would be behind Obama in the polls.

The GOP needs to be renamed the Stupid Party.

Polls might not mean much at this point in time. But Romney is Obama lite. He will loose to Obama.

Don't forget the press is also worth 5 points to Obama and then factor in the acorn vote and the republican depressed vote with Romney at the top.
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Veteran Expediter
hey its all just smoke and mirrors at this for barry getting re-elected...if the American people re-elect him, then those that vote for him get exactly what they deserve......