Non CDL box truck


New Recruit
My dad drives an 18 foot truck all over the country and I have some questions about how that particular industry works.

I heard up to 26 foot doesn't require a CDL, so what's the income potential there? He claims you can net up to $8000 a month as an owner operator who has your own truck but I'm skeptical. Currently he works for a company that provides the truck and covers all expenses and brings in about 40k per year working 3-4 weeks then taking 1.5 to 3 weeks off. He made about $4500 in November so that's a hypothetical $3500 that the company is eating up. Does this math seems right.

Also, suppose I get my own 18 to 26 foot truck and purchase the appropriate insurance. How do I get in touch with the actual load? Is there dispatch/load broker companies that sell these contracts as the actual commercial companies write them up. I called one company that provided heath insurance, they mentioned something about "load boards". what are those?

As far as finding these jobs, I don't have a perfect driving record. I have some fender benders which caused no or almost no damage but they still count against my insurance (Most recent Nov 2017). Will they seriously affect my chances as job posts keep asking for no tickets or accidents in the past 3 years?