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Ok, So long story short I guess. I have a Guy who wants me to drive for him, he is getting too old and his wife is sick. We already met and he is going to pay me by mile and he pays for Gas. He goes through Panther Though. My issue is I'm Diabetic and Take Insulin. That does not bother him as he and some other's he knows has Sugar and has been driving for Panther for years.Well I'm suppose to when I get the call to go to Orientation for Panther and they want a DOT test. I was denied once for my CDL Class A cause there was Sugar in my pee. Even though I took all right Paperwork from my Doctor who said I was OK to drive a Truck and the lady still failed me. So my question is how are they going to look at me when they do my test? And if not what is the best way to get another Cargo van or Sprinter 0 driving job if Panther does not take me
One with NO CDL Req. or DOT Med card? Also by the way I heard Panther does the Med Card for there Insurance Purposes. But the Gentlemen who I'm driving for is doing his own Insurance and putting me on his.! Thanks for all the help


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It's liability and getting sued is why panther does those things it doesn't matter who's insurance the van is under. If Panther still has the same doctor they used to I'd guess odds are good he will fail you.
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I think you need to try going. Moreover, you will not be alone, so if you want to try something forward.