Newbie Links


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OK I am tired of asking, so here is the short list. I have not dug into my long list of helpful links so If need be I will take more time to compile a better list.

SO To Lawrence, Dale and the MODs here is how it should work.

Each Forum has a sticky and in that sticky is what you see. The way I handle this is I have one mod or I oversee it, depending on who has the power to maintain the list for each section of the forum, it is not hard to do. I open a thread up for suggestions of links for a month, let people put in the links and then I copy them over to a thread, I make it a sticky and then I close the thread. The other thread I leave open just if there are additions and it is one of the few that I don't allow closed. The key here is that every link is now locked, no one can post in them which promotes fresh threads and keeps the forum going.