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I think I have stumbled across new tactics that express-1 has instituted that will help bolster their bottom line. Since March 1st we have been offered 3 loads of greater than 3000 lbs. We have a payload capacity of 3340 so we were able to do them if we chose too but I turned down 2 of them. The one we did take took us back to Michigan, which is home, for the weekend.

Of all of the loads we had last year we only had 1 of such weight. It is my guess but these loads used to be offered to straight trucks first to keep them rolling. But now with the new pay scale what once used to cost them $1.24/mile straight truck is now being offered to sprinters/cargo vans for for .80/.70 per mile plus .10 less for FSC.

That being said they can save .54/.64 PER MILE!!!! We are no longer being compensated for the heavy loads and the extra fuel and wear and tear on the trucks is really making us reconsider these loads. I am not going to adjust our payload, but I have had more turn downs recorded in the last month than I have had in the last 2 years combined. Is anyone else seeing this trend and are you reconsidering these heavier loads?


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I haven't had any of the super heavy loads thrown at me BUT they are almost all over 2,000 lbs. which used to be $1.00 a mile, now $0.80 a mile. Just lost another $160 to the new rate, probably averaging a loss of $300 a week.

But it makes a lot of sense - do the math - 333 trucks x $300 a week back to E-1 = $400,000 a month or about $5,000,000 a year - which pays for 100 of those new employees at the new E-1 Headquarters in Charlotte. FREE LABOR!

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