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New MC, need loads


New Recruit
Hey! I’m new to the business and the forum. Reading a whole but never created an account. We have been Expediting 6 months, and we decided to get our own MC number. It’s one month old. We signed up for my virtual fleet, we have been able to book one load ourselves, but would like to book more, we have 3 sprinters. I also have my drivers and myself signed up through Millhouse. I have been working with a broker but finding loads is hard with him and not transparent on the rates. Most people I have talked to have a broker get a % off the load and they give them the rate con. I would like to either find a new broker to keep us moving or get on the appropriate load boards that have sprinter loads so we can find them ourselves. Any help is appreciated.


Veteran Expediter
Bad time to start. Rates are in the toilet at this time and probably into the foreseeable future. Rates to get out of Texas at this time are in the .60 range and lower. Hope this helps.

Dave Sullivan

Seasoned Expediter
I agree with Treadmill, tough time to start,van rates are terrible. Keep in mind the loads you find on those boards are low to start with then they get re-posted & re-posted. The dispatch services get a % but it's sometimes not even 70% of the original load rate, you very well may be getting 25% payed to the truck. That site you mentioned is the very last site the loads end up on.Broker transparency is a huge problem right now. Plus your MC is new, its very hard to get good loads.