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Veteran Expediter
From what I have read and printed out, I don't like the looks of this new system. Eliminating all the centers, and getting info on them and the units checked in etc I'm going to feel blind after a delivery. Maybe this system will be good for the company, but I don't see how will be good for drivers. Yes they will offer paid empty miles to a location after a delivery but not having a clue how many of our trucks are there also, who knows how long it will take to get a run. How long we wait around for a load costs nothing to the company, and costs the drivers just sitting for who know how long. Feel free to vote up or down Once you start it.
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Expert Expediter
Being in management on the lower and upper levels of big corporations it baffles me how this could get so screwed up. Taking this long and have so many problems is alarming. Leaving out critical elements, having to add back in parts that no one seemed to think were needed or had no idea were even in the system. Heads would roll and job openings would be created. This has been a seven year transition “seven” years and it’s not nearly finished. The research and development on this was next to nothing. Had to be. Leaving out so many parts needed to operate on a daily basis could not be concluded any other way. Drivers are now left in a sea of unknowing!! You get your load off and you’re cast off into the unknown to sit. Do they even know where I am? How many other trucks are in the area? Should I relocate? What’s my dwell time? O wait there is no more dwell time sooooo how do they know who’s been sitting the longest? Does it even matter? Is the system down? Is the load board down? Did they get my except? On and on. I’ve excepted loads called in to check on the status and find out my except never went in the system. Sat for 3 days excepted 11 loads didn’t get a one. Every time it was another truck and no real reason for it. Or “you” should have got that load!! Then give it to me! can’t do that now. But I have got a phone call saying “ I apologize there was another truck that should have got this load. I’ll send out the dry run info. Load times on eastern time on the load board and actual time on the clink. Military was harden enough for some in dispatch now they have to run three time zones in military time. Already had one, 130 miles, picked up @20:00 delivered 20:00 the next night. Are you sure? 24 hrs for 130 miles? 24-7 warehouse? Turns out 08:00 central time. Pickup was an hour away had 20 minutes to get it. According to dispatch I had an hr and 20 minutes. Why? Because we have 3 time zones and we dispatch from east coast time. Time was pushed out but no one ever actually changed it. The request I assume is still pending. On hold again for 30 minutes plus. Almost an hour the other day. It really is operating like a JR company that’s just getting their feet under themselves. But it’s not it’s FEDEX.
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