Need help deciding on Medium Duty Moving Van?


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Hello and thank you for any input,

I'm the owner of a moving/storage business. Growing quite a bit and need to purchase another moving van. I currently have Isuzu NPR HDs for city and Freightliner M2 for larger/longer hauling.

Looking to purchase another 26' medium duty but after the issues I've encountered with each/buying used in general, I'm looking for any advice on the following two options (attached below, M2 vs 4300). This includes general things to ask/get inspected before purchasing, mileage milestones when major work is needed, reliability/engine lifetime, cost of ownership, etc.

In my brief research, the MBE seems more robust. Also, read to expect a rebuild on the 4300 at ~300k miles (cost?)?

Thank you in advance for any advice. I'm 26yr old and while I've learned a lot servicing the trucks I have, I ultimately know absolutely nothing about the right things to ask, expectations for certain models, etc. Just trying to avoid the typical $2-4k that goes into these within 2 months of ownership.


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. Just trying to avoid the typical $2-4k that goes into these within 2 months of ownership.

You're going to want a thorough pre-purchase inspection. Granted, trucks do a great job of breaking at really inconvenient times, so you'll always have to be prepared for a financial hit. It's inevitable.


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Anything that doesn't have a CAT engine. CAT doesn't stand behind their warranty. Wouldn't own another one if they gave it to me.


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If you are not in California or don't go there I would look into a pre 03 and put some money into that. Much more reliable cheaper and easier to fix. IMO a kenworth or Pete with a cummins 8.3

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Are you planning to get this truck to run local (regional) moving or are you going nationwide, that would definitely impact the decision.