Navigating Through the Challenges of Trucking Insurance


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In the diverse and dynamic world of trucking, ensuring comprehensive insurance coverage can be a daunting task. What are some of the major challenges you've faced in securing the right insurance for your operations and how did you overcome them?


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This post was over a month ago, but here goes

Personally I hired on to an outfit that offered fleet insurance.

Generally you need 3 years before anyone will even consider you no matter the price (at least in Canada)

By the time I was forced to find my own non-fleet, I had more than 5 years commercial.

To be exact; I found a company that offered fleet, even though I had to pay for it. Minimal hoops, they took 40% of my runs and I paid ALL expenses

17 years later I pay a third of the rate my fellow drivers do. I never cancelled, working or not.

This can be improved upon by finding a company desperate enough to waive the usual 1 year minimum for fleet. (I only see job ads lately stating some minimum time insured)

There isn't a shortcut. Insurers are private companies and can ask for anything they want (feels sometimes only drivers already driving are allowed to)
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