Merry Christmas

Mr. Loyalty.

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May you have a safe and happy Christmas with your friends and family.
Merry Christmas right back at ya! In service, at the Load One epicenter of freight, ready to meet the needs of our customers!

I saw no need to go home. Just geography. Everyone is hunkered down trying to get rid of, or prevent from getting the covid. I was really hoping to get one if those kinda loads that delivered on Monday, or something like that, to keep my mind off of things...I don't do the holidays all too well.
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Late Merry Christmas to everyone. Ive had a rough last several days. Between the sinus infection and my nerves im bout to go stir crazy..

I did get to see a couple nephews that I haven't seen in several years tho. That lifted me some. They are in their teens now.

I hope everyone has a good week and be safe.