Looking for Feedback- Mobile Service for Owner Ops


New Recruit
Hey everyone,

I'm looking for your feedback and questions regarding a service my company does- for owner operators.

What is it: A quick, clean, thoughtful, accurate, professional mobile PM and diag company. I will be able to do a full "PM" on your semi (Paccar and Cummins to start) as well as diagnostics (clearing codes, forcing a regen, cancelling the dreaded DERATE, or "limp mode") all with OEM software.

Why: I have a connection to owner operators and semis through my father, however, had to get off of his truck due to him hauling hazmat now. I then went to Rush Truck Center, but shortly left- the way owner operators were treated and the poor service was ridiculous. I wanted to do better, charge less and provide a quicker service to get you back on the road. After all, time is money.

All my work performed will be to manufacturer spec through their software. Printouts will be provided with the service to allow for complete transparency.

I have much more laid out, but dont feel a novel would benefit anyone. Please, give me your feedback and ask me any questions you may have.