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Fuel for Thought LED vs Halogen


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On Time Media Staff
Technology keeps moving forward. If you have a truck with halogen headlamps and are considering replacing them with LED headlamps, they are much more “plug and play” than in the past. You have probably seen the flickering LED headlamps in some vehicles with aftermarket LEDs. This was generally a problem with conversion kits of the past. Nowadays, you can get LED headlamps with the built it circuitry to prevent flickering. They are just as easy to install in your truck as the original halogen bulbs, in fact, they seem to be a little easier to install.



Veteran Expediter
If too bright white get yellow window tint which will do 2 things . 1 change the color of the light that is much easyer on the eyes. And 2 it will make easyer to see in bad weather.
And fyi led lights do not put out much heat so in the winter they will ice over.