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Veteran Expediter
I hear ya, Don! Due to baseball, we can't sleep in these next couple of weekends. But I'd prefer to take my laptop to Myrtle Beach after next week and book some freight down there. I mean, hey, it worked when I did a week in Daytona beach!! And you MAY not have been able to tell I started drinking at noon every day!!!

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Veteran Expediter
US Air Force
I am with Don...been home 2 days now...other than when I schedule a cruise or similar vacation I just twitch and shake and get all fidgety waiting for the next load...ive worked such long hours over the years in the transportation industry that most people I would spend time with on time off have their own lives and no time for the randomness of when I have time off...

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Expert Expediter
US Army
Wanted to attend Expo but returned to a couple unplanned items needing my attention at home upon return from vacation .... I'm glad we were represented and that some of us had a good time there.

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