job openings


Expert Expediter
is there anyone hiring in or around WASH,DC area?have cdl (b) haz,air,tanker,motor cycle.have driven for Fed Ex CC before.would not like to pay for fuel.maybe i can just get a flat weekly rate,or a day rate.please don't beat me up over this post,need a job willing to drive.


Seasoned Expediter
Well I don't know anybody in that area:p But The owner that I work for does not live anywere near me. I take his truck back to my home town and have it fixed and mainted for him. Even if we did live in the same town it would not matter cuase odds are when I am home he is out on the road ect. So although it would be nice ot have an owner in your local area just becuase there not does not mean that you cant work for them.