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Is this really necessary?


Active Expediter
Personally, I don't see a problem with it. We monitor other nations voting procedure- New Black Panther Party members threatening voters 4 years ago ring a bell?
I think we should have voter ID nation wide.
If ANY fraud, intimidation, etc., found, should be SEVERE penalties invoked.
Also feel there should be MASSIVE fines for false information slung in campaign adds.


Staff member
As long as we intrude in other nations to monitor voting there, we have to be willing to allow others to monitor our voting here. The problem I have is with the UN's stated goals, that of monitoring voter suppression. It would be a lot easier to accept if their goal was to monitor voter fraud and irregularities, regardless of what that happens to be, be it voter suppression or voter coercion to vote a particular way. Both have certainly happened over the years.


Expert Expediter
I wonder how this would go?

"Mr Voting Official. I refuse to cast my ballot while in company with a monitor from a foreign country."

I imagine they would ask me to leave, and then I could call Limbaugh ... yea, that's it. I'll be famous ...... well, more than I already am.


Active Expediter
They must stay at least 100' away.
They need to monitor ALL fraud, coercion, vote buying, etc.!!!
Not that any of that goes..... Ah heck, I couldn't even finish that sentence!!!


Veteran Expediter
US Navy
These folks will be watching us......................just imagine how good they had it but the new world order has brought them the good life and they did not even know what they were missing out on, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


Expert Expediter
You know how the evening cable news will report various things live, then trim and edit and repeat those same things throughout the evening in a more tailored presentation.

Four years ago I was watching the election results, with live exit interviews at polling places. They interviewed this tall guy in a hoodie in Philadelphia, who had just voted.

The cable news guy asked him this and that, and the guy said"

"Well, yeah, I'm glad I come down here and voted. Everybody been telling me how important this is to do, so I think I'm gonna go in and do it again!"

The cable news guy backed off fast and turned to someone else. That little snippet was not seen again, but I laughed my butt off all night.