Is the Frieght Picking Up?


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This past Spring, I took a stab at getting back into a truck (ST) for a fleet owner at Panther. Circumstance and low freight did conspire against it, and my location (Virginia) narrowed down who would want me for a team driver. Such is life.

So, I poured myself into making leather goods to sorta bridge the gap while waiting for freight to start returning and upping my chances of getting a solo truck. But I really need to make actual money, so, I'm looking longingly back at the straight trucks.

I know we're nearing the slack season for expedite, but has freight been picking up? Bad time of year to get collected for a solo gig, I know, but how are the prospects looking for a Christmas miracle? Ok, maybe have to wait for a March miracle, but still. I'd love to get started before Christmas, but I understand the unlikelihood with the end of year drop off closing in.

I guess this is more aimed at Panther drivers, since that's who I prefer to drive for.

How's freight, and are the odds for getting a solo driving position increasing?



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If you're narrowing your list of perspective companies, you're also narrowing your chances at a Christmas miracle. But if you're willing to listen to someone other than Panther drivers, I'd tell you we've been running practically non-stop. But you may be late to the dance, as you've pointed out.


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Not only does it pickup and drop off, but sometimes you have an extra stop that picks up or drops off as well. :)


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:Dwell thankfully we have been blessed and have been running good all this year .had plenty to do,keeps up will be looking good at years end. be safe.


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^^I retrieved this image from a website that some consider to be a trustworthy source of expediter information. I hope you find it useful.

Oh, and people driving a lot of miles isn't necessarily indicative of freight picking up. It's indicative of some people driving a lot of miles.



ps When freight picks up, there will always be a supply of drivers to cover it.

pps When it drops off, there will always be an oversupply of drivers to cover it.

ppps If you're waiting for the right time to jump on the merry-go-round, you won't find it. Jump on and be prepared to ride it all the way around...not just when it's moving at the speed you like.