is it a crime to bid a higher rate for a load on load board?


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Is it a crime to bid a higher rate for a load on load board?
I bided about any average of a little over $2. per mile for a cargo van, a broker wrote back that any bid coming from the MC will be send directly to his junk email because he felt the bid rate is too high and claim that this our bid is trying to price gouge him. (This bid is $2400 for a 1181 miles expedited load for a cargo van). I would have thought that he should just have move on to most low bid. I am seeing this as the broker is trying to bully the dispatcher/driver/owner operator to bid so low even if he/she (dispatcher/driver/owner operator) does not make money. But broker makes a lots of money.
Unfortunately for the dispatcher/driver/owner operator his team member are annoy with him that he is messing up their business.
Please is this right?


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Geo who you running for these days, must have own authority at $2.20 a mile. Looking for a 14-16 2.1 extended if you see any under 250k miles.


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I have been retired from CEVA sent 2016, When I ran expedite for $2,20 . plus hotel rooms and toll, Plus fuel sur