I'm Back.....perhaps....


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Well, here i sit at the yard. Got the truck signed on and decals put on. Took back to work physical and a dot physical, yet still cannot go into service while waiting for drug screen from last week to show up. if iwould have known this i would have waited to come up here....sigh. So, no layover, no service, no fuel. Welcome back, lol.
Saw Steve and Snappy yesterday. It was good to chat a bit with them. Talked to Karen in dispatch. Wow, all the new faces. Good to be back.


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Did you actually expect it to be problem free???

Welcome back in advance.

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Welcome back, Scott!
And be thankful for small favors, like being a guy, so Snappy didn't post about sleeping beside you - he did that to me once, and I'm still finding stuff I spit into the keyboard.
If you missed that kind of silliness, you're back where you belong.


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Welcome back, stud! Glad to hear you're back and better than ever! I'm in the yard, sleeping.After the morning shower, let's do isis, or something..Anybody else want to go?


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Welcome back Scott! I haven't met you, but hope to soon. I know some of what you've been through and it's good to see somebody land on their feet! Your a tough cookie!