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If you like things clean, but cleaning them, not so much


Veteran Expediter
Then you will just love Jeff Campbell!

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I've been a fan for many years, and the thing I like best is how unusual it is to find a book that sells products, but also explains how to make your own, if you would rather. IOW, the book wasn't written to sell products, but to help solve problems.
The Clean Team was eco & pet friendly before it was cool, because Campbell's cleaning crews didn't like using toxic chemicals, but the products have to actually work, or using them is a waste of time & money. And Campbell's books are all about saving both. [I remember when the Swiffer first came out, I thought it was a blatant ripoff of the system designed by Campbell's team, which I'd been using and loving for years - it was faster and easier than any way I'd ever 'scrubbed' floors before.
Much of it is about cleaning a house, but you can still get some valuable help for keeping the truck/van clean, too. For example: most of the dirt we clean from inside comes from outside, so using good floor mats on both sides of the entry cuts down appreciably on the amount inside.
After 'Speed Cleaning', there are more helpful books: 'Spring Cleaning', 'Clutter Control' [essential for limited spaces], and 'Good as New' [how to care for new things to keep them in good condition. They're all good information to have.
I first read 'Speed Cleaning' from the library, so it's not even necessary to buy the books, lol, but if you like things clean [but hate cleaning them] you probably will, just like I did.