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I spend most of my time on the Internet via

How do you access the internet?

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How we access the internet is rapidly changing. Five years ago web traffic during the week was very slow on trucking web sites - due to the fact most drivers were on the road by Monday or Tuesday.

That is changing. It really doesn't matter the day or hour now, there can literally be a few thousand people on the site during a busy freight day like Thursday.

That is be being driven by all the new devices that allow us to access the Internet.


Expert Expediter
While I was still out there among y'all I used the laptop exclusively via Verizon data plans.

Now that I'm a "stay at home trucker", I just use the pc ... I'm not into those fancy gadgets, those touch screens also go somewhere else I didn't want to go from accidental "touches".


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Retired Expediter
Laptop, tried the Iphone, too small to see. Wish I have never go it but it was the "free phone" when I renewed.