Husband and wife team looking for something new and exciting.


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We are husband and wife team. Looking to get into large straight truck. Wanting to Lease purchase possible. Wife had 5 years I have 10 years of 53 foot experience. Wondering where to start. And if need to get endorsement? Wife has tanker I have none. We wanna doing something different. We both have leasing experience. But are company driver right now. Where to stArt we where thinking about fedex but don’t know if there is a better option. Looking at the first of the year to make a change. Is there anything we need to look into that we are missing? Thanks y’all


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We drive for a company (my wife and I) that specializes in moving the entertainment industry.
Travel around with bandsand other related runs.

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I have instead of giving answer everyone just tells people to go to the expo but why would someone go to an expo if they can’t get the info on here. That a west in revenue I can be making woking.
VERY WRONG! The expo has classes/workshops to educate and learn how this business works. Also you can get a fill of different companies and talk to them one on one. You need/should go!

There's people on here who's been doing this for a while and they still don't get it. I went to the expo show for 4 years and sat in majority of the classes. I get and understand this business and lifestyle. Since your a team, your in HIGH demand and need to know what your doing and put yourself in the best decision. Wish you all the best!


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We managed to attend four of the workshops, and three of the round table discussions. Add to that the networking we were able to do, what with meeting multiple owners, and talk one on one with every company that was at the show. We talked with a number of couples willing to mentor. We filled half of a spiral bound notebook with useful info, names and contacts, as well as business cards. It will take us a couple days this week alone to email them all, so as to re-establish contact with them. We are currently reeling from the owners who are interested in us driving for them, and the mentors who have offered up their help to share their experiences with us, and to help us succeed in this business...

That is why we went, and that is why we are now ready to leap.
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Hustleandflow before thinking of buying a truck I would consider driving for an owner and make sure expediting is for you. I would consider you getting your tanker and also both of you getting Hazmat endorsements if you are wanting to go to FedEx. Expediting is a specialty niche and some love it and others do not make the adjustment to the lifestyle.