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How old is old?


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The man is singing Diane's and my song! After 10 years as expediters, Diane and i came off the road to open a gym (Anytime Fitness Port Orange, FL). Since then, I took up powerlifting and now compete in the Master 3 class (age 60-70). Our gym specializes in active aging. We have numerous members of advanced age who are growing older on the calendar and younger in body, mind and spirit. I have tripled my strength since I began lifting and fully expect to double it from its present point. I am far more agile today than I was when living in a truck. The quality of my sleep and nutrition have dramatically improved.

On the road, fitness is a far greater challenge than it is if you can eat well and go to the gym on a regular basis. For expediters, the next best thing is to improve your diet as best you can and choose a 24-hour gym brand with many locations (Anytime Fitness has more than any other brand). It will also help to carry basic and easily stored exercise equipment in your truck (exercise bands take no room at all). It's important to know what you are doing and then do it consistently.

I've seen more expediters try and fail with fitness than try and succeed. But success is possible if you get it in your head that positive results really can come, your mind is open to strategies that work (not the latest book or article you read), you make it a priority to put in the gym work on a consistent basis, and you maintain consistency by using your in-truck equipment when your schedule keeps you away.

We have given free coaching to truckers before but they don't stick with it or seem to want a real plan that they can actually follow given their lifestyle. The next load or next football game on TV or next need to sleep and be ready for the dispatch call gets in the way.

For someone truly serious about behavior change to produce lasting change, it would be wise to create a relationship with a home gym and a coach. I've met a good number of competent and inspirational fitness trainers, but have yet to meet one who understands what it is like to spend a weekend at a truck stop and then get dispatched at 2 a.m on a three-day, non-stop load. How do you explain life in a truck to someone who has not lived the life?

When Diane and I were on the road, we would have been far more healthy and fit if we knew then what we know now about fitness. With the benefit of hindsight, we would have been wise to hire a coach to write us a plan and check in with us from time to time. When covid showed up and the governor closed our gym for two months, we learned how coach people live online.These days, you don't have to be at our gym to benefit from the training competency and trucking life awareness we have.
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