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How do Expeditors get paid as contractors LEGALLY???


Rookie Expediter
If I own vans, and put drivers in them, I would plan on paying them as contractors.

However, my accountant said that they may legally be considered employees.

The main reason for this is that they would be using my equipment.

How do all other fleet owners LEGALLY get around this?


Rookie Expediter
I did I little bit of research.
For trucking companies, it seems like when they hire contractors JUST to drive, they basically lease the truck to them. The terms of the lease would say things like,
-May only take loads from X companies dispatchers
-May not find your own loads
-Pay is 40% of what the truck makes (explain the 60/40 split)
-Rule about fuel card usage
-bunch of other random legal jargon
-X happens if you cut the lease short
-X happens if we cut the lease short
(I'm probably going to have no repercussions for cutting the lease short PROVIDED that the vehicle is returned to the yard at :COMPANY I CONTRACT FOR: or another designated spot first)

But basically, it seems like they can be legally be contractors if they lease the truck from you (even with some restrictions, like just accepting loads from X company and stuff like that)